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Trulia Online Lottery Shop

Trulia starts first in India online lottery which means selling physical lottery through online. Trulia are not organise any lottery or publish lottery results,

Trulia Selling physical Lottery online :  Nagaland lotteries. ( Customer can check the results in Nagaland lotteries website. Three times plays lottery in every day.

Customer who win the lottery  get amount  in his bank through NEFT/IMPS, Trulia arrange the all procedure of payment.

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Time11.55 a.m Time4 p.m Time8 p.m
Today Draw Today Draw Today Draw

Read carefully following details before buy Lottery

  • Fill up the correct Name which is in your Bank Account.
  • Properly fill Bank details – Account number & IFSC code.
  • Bank account category – Savings / Current.
  • Fill properly Name & phone number.
  • Update Bank reference number for your payment to our bank account in Registration form.
  • Pay correct amount (6* 100= 600) or (6*200=1200) otherwise more/less amounts will be rejected the order. payment reverse to your Bank account.
  • Please book the ticket before 10 minute OF PLAY TIME- Avoid last minutes technical disturbances.
  • Buy order should be granted within scheduled play time. Otherwise your order will be rejected and reverse to your payment.

Nagaland State Lottery Scheme

DEAR MORNING  (SUN to SAT)  at 11.55 a.m

DEAR DAY (MON to SUN) at 4.00 p.m

DEAR EVENING (MON to SUN) at 8.00 p.m

Lottery Price & Series

Price/lottery Series Total Quantity Total Amount


25 25 150
Rs-6 50 50 300
Rs-6 100 100 600
Rs-6 200 200


What is means of series?

Assume you bought 25 series = 25 serial number with same number

Example – Lottery no. 25E25689, 25F25689, 25G25689, 25K25689, 25L25689, 26A25689, ………..

Here serial number is difference but lottery number is same.

Lottery Prize Money

Assume you bought 25 series.

1st Prize = 26 Lakh – On 1 Time on 5 digits with serial no. remain serial number will get 9500*24 = 228,000

2nd Prize = 25*9000= 225000

3rd Prize = 25*500 = 12500

4th Prize = 25*250 = 6250

5th Prize = 25*120 = 3000

GST charges applicable on winning prizes. 1st prizes and 2nd prizes will take 15 days from the ticket winning date.

Why Trulia started online physical lottery?

Many person want to buy lottery through online but don’t want to go lottery shop or unable to go lottery shop, Every states are not organise lotteries but Trullia brought you lottery shop in your house.
Out station customers are not getting the opportunities to buy these lotteries because many states are not allowed the lottery but now we brought the opportunities to buy lotteries online from home or office.

Why believe Trulia online Lottery shop?

Trulia : just selling physical lottery through online and customers can check the lottery results in Nagaland  lotteries website – We have purchased physical lotteries and selling its through online. Trulia are not issued any lotteries or not publishing the lotteries results..

How to get amount of winning prize?

When you want to buy fill the form of name, phone numbers, Bank details with account number and IFSC code. Trulia will pay prize amount within 24 hours in your Bank Account, NEFT is not working in bank holidays so prize amount will reach in your bank account on next bank working days. GST charges applicable on winning prizes. 1st prizes and 2nd prizes will take 15 days from the ticket winning date.

Nagaland State Lottery Prize denominations.

Note: Lottery is a luck, therefore Trulia is not responsible for any win/loss lottery. Once Lottery sold it can no be refunded.