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What is means of series?

Assume you bought 25 series = 25 serial number with same number

Example – Lottery no. 25E25689, 25F25689, 25G25689, 25K25689, 25L25689, 26A25689, ………..

Here serial number is difference but lottery number is same.

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You can buy any one or more series – like 25*6= 150, 50*6=300

Please book the ticket before 10 minute OF PLAY TIME- Avoid last minutes technical disturbances.

                                                  Date- 19/04/2019

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Series 10: price per series (10*6=60).

95H12005 95H12006 95H12007 95H12008 95H12009 95H12010 95H12011 95H12012
95H12013 95H12014 95H12015 95H12016 95H12017 95H12018 95H12019 95H12020
95H12021 95H12022 95H12023 95H12024 95H12025 95H12026 95H12027 95H12028
95H12029 95H12030 95H12031 95H12032 95H12033 95H12034 95H12035 95H12036
95H12037 95H12038 95H12039 95H12040 95H12041 95H12042 95H12043 95H12044
95H12045 95H12046 95H12047 95H12048 95H12049 95H12050 95H12051 95H12052
95H12053 95H12054 95H12055 95H12056 95H12057 95H12058 95H12059 95H12060
95H12061 95H12062 95H12063 95H12064 95H12065 95H12066 95H12067 95H12068
95H12069 95H12070 95H12071 95H12072 95H12073 95H12074 95H12075 95H12076
95H12077 95H12078 95H12079 95H12080 95H12081 95H12082 95H12083 95H12084

Series 10: price per series (10*6=60).

90E68210 90E68211 90E68212 90E68213 90E68214 90E68215 90E68216 90E68217
90E68218 90E68219 90E68220 90E68221 90E68222 90E68223 90E68224 90E68225
90E68226 90E68227 90E68228 90E68229 90E68230 90E68231 90E68232 90E68233
90E68234 90E68235 90E68236 90E68237 90E68238 90E68239 90E68240 90E68241
90E68242 90E68243 90E68244 90E68245 90E68246 90E68247 90E68248 90E68249
90E68250 90E68251 90E68252 90E68253 90E68254 90E68255 90E68256 90E68257
90E68258 90E68259 90E68260 90E68261 90E68262 90E68263 90E68264 90E68265
90E68266 90E68267 90E68268 90E68269 90E68270 90E68271 90E68272 90E68273
90E68274 90E68275 90E68276 90E68277 90E68278 90E68279 90E68280 90E68281
90E68282 90E68283 90E68284 90E68285 90E68286 90E68287 90E68288 90E68289

Series 25: price per series (25*5.6=140).

86K35417 86K35418 86K35419 86K35420 86K35421 86K35422 86K35423 86K35424
86K35425 86K35426 86K35427 86K35428 86K35429 86K35430 86K35431 86K35432
86K35433 86K35434 86K35435 86K35436 86K35437 86K35438 86K35439 86K35440
86K35441 86K35442 86K35443 86K35444 86K35445 86K35446 86K35447 86K35448
86K35449 86K35450 86K35451 86K35452 86K35453 86K35454 86K35455 86K35456
86K35457 86K35458 86K35459 86K35460 86K35461 86K35462 86K35463 86K35464
86K35465 86K35466 86K35467 86K35468 86K35469 86K35470 86K35471 86K35472
86K35473 86K35474 86K35475 86K35476 86K35477 86K35478 86K35479 86K35480
86K35481 86K35482 86K35483 86K35484 86K35485 86K35486 86K35487 86K35488

Series 5*5: price per series (25*6=150).

From To Quantity Price Action
74D37710 74D37714 25 140
74D37715 74D37719 25 140
74D37720 74D37724 25 140
74D37725 74D37729 25 140
74D37730 74D37734 25 140
74D37735 74D37739 25 140
74D37740 74D37744 25 140
From To Quantity Price Action
74D37745 74D37749 25 140
74D37750 74D37754 25 140
74D37755 74D37759 25 140
74D37760 74D37764 25 140
74D37765 74D37769 25 140
74D37770 74D37774 25 140
74D37775 74D37779 25 140

Series 50: price per series (50*6=280).

93A52911 93A52912 93A52913 93A52914 93A52915 93A52916 93A52917 93A52918
93A52919 93A52920 93A52921 93A52922 93A52923 93A52924 93A52925 93A52926
93A52927 93A52928 93A52929 93A52930 93A52931 93A52932 93A52933 93A52934
93A52935 93A52936 93A52937 93A52938 93A52939 93A52940 93A52941 93A52942
93A52943 93A52944 93A52945 93A52946 93A52947 93A52948 93A52949 93A52950
93A52951 93A52952 93A52953 93A52954 93A52955 93A52956 93A52957 93A52958

Series 100 (100*5.60=560).

81B88656 81B88657 81B88658 81B88659 81B88660 81B88661 81B88662 81B88663
81B88664 81B88665 81B88666 81B88667 81B88668 81B88669 81B88670 81B88671
81B88672 81B88673 81B88674 81B88675 81B88676 81B88677 81B88678 81B88679

Properly fill Bank details – Account number & IFSC code.Fill up the correct Name which is in your Bank Account.  Read carefully following details before buy Lottery.

  • Bank account category – Savings / Current.
  • Fill properly Name & phone number.
  • Update Bank reference number for your payment to our bank account in Registration form.
  • Pay correct amount (6* 100= 600) or (6*200=1200) otherwise more/less amounts will be rejected the order. payment reverse to your Bank account.
  • Once you buy the lottery number which can not be changed the number.
  • Please book the ticket before 10 minute OF PLAY TIME- Avoid last minutes technical disturbances.
  • Buy order should be granted withing scheduled play time. Otherwise your order will be rejected and reverse to your payment.

Note: Lottery is a luck, therefore Trulia is not responsible for any win/loss lottery. Once Lottery sold it can not be refunded.