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Trulia started India’s first online physical lottery which means selling physical lottery through online. Trulia is a roaming lottery shop. where you can buy buy lottery online but it is a physical Nagaland lottery which we buying and sell its online to reach in your door step.

Trulia Selling physical Lottery online :  Nagaland lotteries. ( Customer can check the results in Nagaland lotteries website. Three times plays lottery in every day.

Customer who win the lottery  get amount  in his bank through NEFT/IMPS, Trulia arrange the all procedure of payment.


Note: Lottery is a luck, therefore Trulia is not responsible for any win/loss lottery. Once Lottery sold it can no be refunded.

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    1. I was paid Rs.140/- on 5th May 2018 for Morning Tickets No. 73B34927 (25Series) Bank Reference No. 6968236551IGADLRHKB8. By mistake I did not put Bank reference number in your fill-up form. Can I return back money? Please advise me from your end.

        1. Hi,

          you can purchase online ticket – please pay first and automatic you will get bank reference no. or merchant reference no. then update the register form with your desire ticket no. and your bank details and update bank reference no. which you received from netbanking.

      1. Hi,

        please check you will get merchant reference no. which put in bank reference no. box. – red color ticket means sold and black color ticket means open for sell.

        1. I was paid Rs.140/- on 5th May 2018 for Morning Tickets No. 73B34927 (25-Series) Bank Reference No. 6968236551IGADLRHKB8. By mistake I put Merchant reference number in place of Bank reference number in your Registration fill-up form. Can I return back money? Or others solution from your end?

      2. 1. Today I was Register (paid Rs.60/-) for morning 10-Series Tickets Number 96C61766. But till now showing BLACK MARK. That means said Tickets Number is unsold. What’s reason RED MARK are not indicated above tickets number.
        2. When I Registered any tickets number immediate not indicated RED MARK. if same time, same tickets number, Register by more than one Person than how to solve this type Register problem?
        3. Can I call to your Representative regarding Proper Registration gidence for one time. Please send Phone Number.

        1. In your web site showing 10-Series Rs.60/-, 5-series set Rs.150/-, 25-Series Rs.150/-, 50-series Rs.300/-, 100-series Rs.600/-. But when going to your Book Now button there is showing different amounts. Example 25*5.6= Rs.140/-.
          My quary how much pay for 100-series tickets? Rs.600/- or Rs. 560/-?

  1. I want to buy a set of 25 *6=150 but I have paid rs 100 by mistake. Plz suggest what can I do now ..BANK ID(IMPS) no-7979027196

    1. Trulia bought physical lottery from dealer and if you got prize then Trulia arrange the prizes money and sent it to your Bank account because Trulia holding physical lottery.

  2. Sir I transferred 150 and taken ticket is 57B28815
    Date is 01-02-2018
    Ref no ITP9958427
    Can u explain how can I take balance tickets

    1. After net-banking you will get automatic generated bank reference no. from bank, then update register form with bank reference no.

  3. Togarana Sai Vandana

    Awesome to buy Lottery tickets here..but I have. a doubt.. If I am buying tickets for 140 RS, is one ticket costs 140 RS or 25 series 6 tickets cost 140 do I knw whether my number came or not

    1. After payment you should fill registration form and update – Trulia online will give mail confirmation and you will check result on-

      First prize- total number – 26 lakhs
      2nd prize- last 5 digits- Rs-9000
      3rd & 4th & 5th – last 4 digits.

    1. After net-banking you will get automatic generated bank reference no. from bank, then update register form with bank reference no.

    1. After net-banking you will get automatic generated bank reference no. fr bank, then update register form with bank reference no.

    1. hi,

      check play time and select the number then pay the correct amount to our bank. After net-banking you will get automatic generated bank reference no. then update register form with bank reference no.

  4. Any ticket you sold won 1st or 2nd prize? If any ticket will win the 1st or second prize from your shop do he/she will get the prize money?

  5. I want to pay 5050.00 rupees at a time in your account and tickets to buy time to time of amount 280.00 (I. e.280×18 days ). Is it possible. If possible how can I check my balance time to time.

  6. Why are you not selling others state government physical lottery ticket online also like Kerala lottery ticket online and Punjab. And pl try to sell lottery ticket online with more series and middle of.

  7. Sir, If I won any price money and forget to see the result what will happen? Will you credit the lottery money to my account as all the details of Bank as well as tickets are available with you? Or I will be a loser as I haven’t claim the money accordingly you will not give me prize money? What will happen to me?

  8. Dear sir. Sorry to ask this. But i want to clear this doubt.
    If i bought 10series for ex:80A12345 means, what are the remaining 9numbers?
    Like above 25series ex: 80A12345 means, what are the remaining 24 numbers?
    In 25 series 80A12011 to 80A12015 means what are the remaining 23numbers?
    Thank you sir.

    1. What is means of series?
      Assume you bought 25 series = 25 serial number with same number

      Example – Lottery no. 25E25689, 25F25689, 25G25689, 25K25689, 25L25689, 26A25689, ………..

      Here serial number is difference but lottery number is same.

  9. Dear sir.. Can I use previoud day bank reference number? That means if i pay the amount today and buy the ticket tomorrow?

  10. Sir. If I pay the amount today and forget to buy the ticket means, can i use this bank reference number to buy the ticket tomorrow?

  11. Sir.. What is the cost of 25 series tickets? 140 or 150?
    50 series tickets 300 or 280?
    100 series of tickets 560 or 600?

  12. Hai.. Can i pay directly to your bank account
    ( your sbi or bank of india) by imps?
    OR only through pay u money gatway?

  13. How do i get confirmation massage. I pay by using pay u and it goes to animesh choudhary account aftr that trulia says that plz pay for your tickets. Still after ref code is submitted???

    1. Hi,

      we are looking that we have confirm – 89A97022 and rejected remain amount as you paid for one ticket but update with so many.

  14. Sir iam first payment paid payment Id no. 193167368 after iam selected lottery no registered form enter Id no this is correct

    1. HI,

      one 5 Series 5*120 = Rs-600 because per number 5 series like 61C04605, 61C04606, 61C04607, 61C04608, 61C04609

    1. HI,

      Please Choose Ticket number and make payment and then update with bank reference number & fill registration form

  15. Kasa ravi kumar

    How can i get refund of my money from pay u money vch is credited to animesh choudharys account …and i am unable to order a lottery ticket vth that reference.plg

  16. Kasa ravi kumar

    SIR. AS U SAID I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING TO REGISTER BUT IT IS STILL SHOWING THE MESSAGE AS “Pay Our Trulia Bank then update Bank reference no. in buying registration form.” SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO.

  17. Kasa ravi kumar

    how can i buy the lottery tickets for next day because in ur site tere is showing that the tickets for date i.e today, where the same has already passed what is the reasin for that please tell me


    Sir. On 25 06 2018 I booked three tickets 73B86191 73B86292 92B37509 and 73B86191 got a prize of Rs. 500 in the evening but you don’t give me the money or any confirmation why.?



    1. HI,

      Trulia has not given any confirmation as your ticket amount not received or not given bank reference no.

  19. 31.07.2018 morning prize no is85C22426 but this number not seen in the can u select the number

  20. If I want buy more than one series tickets, can I pay at a time total tickets amount? That means one bank reference number.

    Example: 100-Series Rs.560/- & 10-Series Rs.60/- total amount Rs.620/-.

    Your payment option asking 5-Series or 10-Series or 25-Series or 50-Series or 100-Series.
    I can’t select more than one series.

      1. hi,

        you book another ticket with same bank reference no. or you can sent request for refund. maximum customers book another ticket if ticket already sold issue.

  21. Series 5*5: price per series (25*5.6=140)
    From To Quantity Price Action
    74D95720 74D95724 25 140
    How to enter ticket number in the box..
    Because here is 74D95720 to 74D95724

    Please reply administration ji

  22. date 3 dec. 2018, morning ticket no-82A41550-82A4154 Booking hiya hu, isme 1551 ko result hua hai, To isme mujhe kitne rs. minne chahiye???? 25 series ke husab se hom rs 150 amount katwaya hai, 25 ticket ka paisa milega ya kitna ka??? plz tell me. (5th no. prize me laga hai).

      1. thanks, but purchase option me 25 series Likklha raha hai our amount Rs.140 , ye wrong hai kya sir??? 5 series means only Rs.30 paid karna hai ? yes or not??? sir plz. conform me.

  23. Have paid for purchase of tickets, payment was successfully made but no tickets confirmed against same nor my money refunded to me, may i know the reason plz.

  24. Hello sir ticket amount directly Google pay or paytm to your account deposit coming to reference no is it correct or only pay u money accepted please mail me

  25. I have purchased 25 series 98A84620 to 98A84624. paid the amount Rs.140 to your bank account. will i get any receipt or ticket.

  26. Dear sir 22/2/19 night8pm mera tiket no 99G17615 To 99G17619 hai jisme 5th prize laga hai 7616 lekin trulia ke traf se koi conformation nhi aaya help me payment id 232685580 rs140

  27. Sar ami apnar counter theke tikit kinte chai apni jodi amy full process ta amy bolen …ki vabe ami apnar theke lottery katbo ar ki bhabe apnake payment korbo plz aktu bolun..

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