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What is means of series?

Assume you bought 25 series = 25 serial number with same number

Example – Lottery no. 25E25689, 25F25689, 25G25689, 25K25689, 25L25689, 26A25689, ………..

Here serial number is difference but lottery number is same.

Please check result at

You can buy any one or more series – like 25*6= 150, 50*6=300

Please book the ticket before 10 minute OF PLAY TIME- Avoid last minutes technical disturbances.


Please check result at


                                           Date- 19/04/2019

Series 10: price per series (10*6=60).

69K79815 69K79816 69K79817 69K79818 69K79819 69K79820 69K79821 69K79822
69K79823 69K79824 69K79825 69K79826 69K79827 69K79828 69K79829 69K79830
69K79831 69K79832 69K79833 69K79834 69K79835 69K79836 69K79837 69K79838
69K79839 69K79840 69K79841 69K79842 69K79843 69K79844 69K79845 69K79846
69K79847 69K79848 69K79849 69K79850 69K79851 69K79852 69K79853 69K79854
69K79855 69K79856 69K79857 69K79858 69K79859 69K79860 69K79861 69K79862
69K79863 69K79864 69K79865 69K79866 69K79867 69K79868 69K79869 69K79870
69K79871 69K79872 69K79873 69K79874 69K79875 69K79876 69K79877 69K79878
69K79879 69K79880 69K79881 69K79882 69K79883 69K79884 69K79885 69K79886
69K79887 69K79888 69K79889 69K79890 69K79891 69K79892 69K79893 69K79894

Series 10: price per series (10*6=60).

50J30810 50J30811 50J30812 50J30813 50J30814 50J30815 70J30816 70J30817
50J30818 50J30819 50J30820 50J30821 50J30822 50J30823 70J30824 70J30825
50J30826 50J30827 50J30828 50J30829 50J30830 50J30831 70J30832 70J30833
50J30834 50J30835 50J30836 50J30837 50J30838 50J30839 70J30840 70J30841
50J30842 50J30843 50J30844 50J30845 50J30846 50J30847 70J30848 70J30849
50J30850 50J30851 50J30852 50J30853 50J30854 50J30855 70J30856 70J30857
50J30858 50J30859 50J30860 50J30861 50J30862 50J30863 70J30864 70J30865
50J30866 50J30867 50J30868 50J30869 50J30870 50J30871 70J30872 70J30873
50J30874 50J30875 50J30876 50J30877 50J30878 50J30879 70J30880 70J30881

Series 25: price per series (25*5.6=140).

78G57604 78G57605 78G57606 78G57607 78G57608 78G57609 78G57610 78G57611
78G57612 78G57613 78G57614 78G57615 78G57616 78G57617 78G57618 78G57619
78G57620 78G57621 78G57622 78G57623 78G57624 78G57625 78G57626 78G57627
78G57628 78G57629 78G57630 78G57631 78G57632 78G57633 78G57634 78G57635
78G57636 78G57637 78G57638 78G57639 78G57640 78G57641 78G57642 78G57643
78G57644 78G57645 78G57646 78G57647 78G57648 78G57649 78G57650 78G57651
78G57652 78G57653 78G57654 78G57655 78G57656 78G57657 78G57658 78G57659
78G57660 78G57661 78G57662 78G57663 78G57664 78G57665 78G57666 78G57667
78G57668 78G57669 78G57670 78G57671 78G57672 78G57673 78G57674 78G57675

Series 5*5: price per series (25*6=140).

From To Quantity Price Action
83B85000 83B85004 25 140
83B85005 83B85009 25 140
83B85010 83B85014 25 140
83B85015 83B85019 25 140
83B85020 83B85024 25 140
83B85025 83B85029 25 140
83B85030 83B85034 25 140

Series 50: price per series (50*6=280) – Buy one or more series.

65D85809 65D85810 65D85811 65D85812 65D85813 65D85814 65D85815 65D85816
65D85817 65D85818 65D85819 65D85820 65D85821 65D85822 65D85823 65D85824
65D85825 65D85826 65D85827 65D85828 65D85829 65D85830 65D85831 65D85832
65D85833 65D85834 65D85835 65D85836 65D85837 65D85838 65D85839 65D85840
65D85841 65D85842 65D85843 65D85844 65D85845 65D85846 65D85847 65D85848
65D85849 65D85850 65D85851 65D85852 65D85853 65D85854 65D85855 65D85856
65D85857 65D85858 65D85859 65D85860 65D85861 65D85862 65D85863 65D85864

Read carefully following details before buy Lottery.

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  • Fill properly Name & phone number.
  • Update Bank reference number for your payment to our bank account in Registration form.
  • Pay correct amount (6* 100= 600) or (6*200=1200) otherwise more/less amounts will be rejected the order. payment reverse to your Bank account.
  • Once you buy the lottery number which can not be changed the number
  • Please book the ticket before 10 minute OF PLAY TIME- Avoid last minutes technical disturbances.
  • Buy order should be granted withing scheduled play time – . Otherwise your order will be rejected and reverse to your payment.

Note: Lottery is a luck, therefore Trulia is not responsible for any win/loss lottery. Once Lottery sold it can not be refunded.